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Treasure Talk Apr 11, 2024

I can tell you that the “Treasure Talk” YouTube channel is a community dedicated to metal detecting and the love of the hobbyThey share their experiences, finds, and provide tips and techniques for metal detecting.

The community seems to be quite engaged, with the channel having 1.97K subscribers and 693 videosThe channel also offers perks for joining, which could include exclusive content, early access to new videos, or other benefits.

The YouTube channel “Treasure Talk” is dedicated to metal detecting for the love of the hobbyThe channel emphasizes that it doesn’t make any difference what you find, as it’s all good! It’s wonderful to be able to play this great hobby on God’s great earth.

The channel features videos such as “FIRST IMPRESSION COILTEK 9X14 NOX COIL”, “low and slow and digging plugs A TREASURE TALK SKILLS SCHOOL”, and “BLUE SPADE SOCIETY” among othersThe videos showcase various finds and provide tips and techniques for metal detecting.

“Treasure Talk” is a YouTube channel dedicated to the hobby of metal detectingThe host emphasizes that the joy of the hobby comes not just from what you find, but from the process of searching itself1.

The channel features a variety of videos, including tutorials, tips and tricks, and showcases of the host’s own metal detecting findsSome of the videos include “FIRST IMPRESSION COILTEK 9X14 NOX COIL”, “low and slow and digging plugs A TREASURE TALK SKILLS SCHOOL”, and “BLUE SPADE SOCIETY”1.

The community around “Treasure Talk” is quite engaged, with the channel having 1.97K subscribers and 693 videosThe host also offers perks for joining the channel, which could include exclusive content, early access to new videos, or other benefits.

For more recent episodes and specific video details, I recommend visiting the “Treasure Talk” YouTube channel directly and checking their recent uploads or live streams. You can also engage with the community through the comment section under each video or by joining if they offer that option. Remember to respect the community guidelines when interacting. Enjoy exploring!


look [Music]
[Music] hey folks welcome the Myers metal
detectors located in Sunny Tampa Florida where we sell nothing but fun and Adventures treasure hunting gear and
anything you can imagine for metal detecting give us a call 813 2371 939
happy hunting and Dick [Music] Keeper Live from sunny Florida it’s
treasure talk hello everybody good evening from
Sebastian Florida with here it’s cloudy it’s been raining but the weather forecast for the next couple days is
fantastic and me uh my lovely wife Susan and some very good friends that I will
introduce you to soon the treasure talk family we are going to go and hunt the
beaches tomorrow with two of the legends of the Treasure Coast and I’m telling you what we just could couldn’t sleep
it’s so excited to get out and hunt with these guys last year we had a great time hunting with these two and we look for a
better time uh this year out hunting the Treasure Coast beaches and you never know we may find some goodies and if we
do you’ll be sure to know about it so uh we got a good show lined up for you
tonight unfortunately sickness has hit the treasure talk family and some of their guests uh some people could not
they had to cancel out they just couldn’t make it tonight unless everybody uh say a prayer for Captain
Fizz he called me a little earlier and he’s really not feeling very very well at all uh so we need to just pray for
Captain Fizz that his health be restored so we can come back and tell us some more stories uh a couple other people
got called away for work and that’s okay because we got the quill for you tonight
we got the best of the best and we’re gonna start here directly so you know we
got a lot going on tonight I don’t know how long the show’s going to go you just kind of hang with us because what’s
going to happen is I’m going to introduce you to everybody our treasure talk family and then we’re just going to
turn the camera around and we’re going to talk we’re going to tell stories and talk treasure so we don’t know what time
we’ll get into it it may be 3 o’clock in the morning although I doubt that very much because I’m old and I can’t stay up
that late so anyways I’m GNA turn the camera around now and introduce you to
our treasure toop family so here we go bear with me my camera work is not
steady so over there we got our good friend
Danny Moonlight Graham and there we got Rick and Deb tumbleson back there that’s big billy
Keane that’s Mrs Terry that is the lovely Jean you know the one that’s got
all the Rings and there’s the love of my life right there the one that makes it all possible right there that’s Miss
Susan and our guest for night Terry and Fred and you’ve seen them before but now
it’s really going to be turned loose so I’m going to leave the camera turned around let’s make sure we got it
adjusted so we can get these guys in there uh let me adjust it a little
more there we are I think we’ve got everybody uh in there
so um it’s been a quite a uh uh season
so far Terry’s due to go back up north here at about a about a month I think he’s going to make the track back up to
Minnesota but we’ll do a show in the summertime from um well no we won’t be
in Minnesota and well we might be because Moonlight Graham wants to go to Minnesota and hunt with Terry and I
might go with him so you never know what’s going to happen H but he’s going to be going back to Minnesota and Fred
stays around here and we got a lot of information to impart to everybody so
let’s just get into it if you got questions questions put them in the chat we’ll make sure that they get asked and
answered so let’s see Terry and Fred what’s going on in the Treasure Coast
well first off I want to welcome everybody tonight and it’s an honor being here y it’s it truly is an honor
and I’m sorry about the other guys that couldn’t make it it’s kind of sad th
with Captain fiz and it it is an honor to be here and amongst all our friends
treasure talk friends yeah they are and uhh one other thing I want to you know I
need to do this uh because this this is a treasure talk family and you and Terry
have been with us enough that we consider you to be the treasure talk family on a personal note uh we have had
uh Susan and I our granddaughter uh started as as a
freshman in high school and she decided she wanted to be a
cheerleader so she went out for cheerleading and up against a whole bunch of other
girls she made it she’s a cheerleader she’s a freshman and she’s a high school cheerleader and I think that’s great so
congratulations that’s quite an accomplishment it is an accomplishment you should be very proud and I bet your
grandpa and grandma are pretty proud too oh yeah yes we are yes we are I tell everybody if you knew how much you love
your grandkids you’d had them first that’s
right they get away with everything yes they do as they should and when they
have temperatures then you give them back to their pars yeah they’re the ones that bring
home all the stuff from school good and bad and indifferent so what’s been going
on down here this uh this winter time the hunting season well I think uh
the five folks that are in charge down here are doing a very very fine job of destroying our beaches that uh we
they’re replenishing or reneu they not re from the beach they bringing in sand to deal with the erosion and granted
there is a lot lot of erosion that’s been there for over a year now in the hurricanes and uh on some of my videos
and then some of the talks you’ve seen me at cuts that are actually higher than my head there’s a lot of you know this
has to be repaired they’re doing that now but it’s really kind of killed the detected you just you know it just kind
of you know when you bring in more sand it just covers more stuff up and it’s been kind of an unusual years
weatherwise too we haven’t had the high winds and and we’ve had kind of a easterly wind coming in for majority of
the time it’s just bringing in moreand and more sand and so I got a slow now
aren’t they the sand in replenish the bees from the interior of the state they do that in places but also right where
Jean and I live they are bringing it in from offshore they’re pumping it in but it’s
a real gray color it’s just a different color it’s ugly gray color and they’re
tring it all the way up the coast too and filling filling up the coast one of the problems is Turtles are serting the
nest right now and uh the problem is they’re they’re allowed to
uh relocate The turtl Nest so they’re re relocating turtl nest and um we don’t
know how that’s going to work out for them yeah because what they’re doing is they’re they’re putting all the sand
where the turt is Nest so they’re they’re allowed to uh to work
until I think miday something like that they got an extension to work a bit longer carrying more sand and then soon
as they quit they’re going to start again next December finish what they’re doing next December now once they
disturb the turtles Nest does that impede the the turtles uh you know
breaking out of their shell it it I I guess it depends who’s doing it because
what they do is they Mark uh each egg in the direction of the egg is facing
they’re they’re pretty serious about it they they have Turtle people come in and actually do it the sand workers going do
it oh cool well we do have a question from the dickan Kook uh she wanted to
know when storms take out sand do other storms bring it back in yes it does
Mother Nature is kind of fickle and I’ve seen storms where the cuts are is you
know up to head high and you go back and you know two TI later it’s all back in
you know that that’s one of the things that I question on on refilling the beaches is that several times this year
we’ve had this prominantly this East Wind coming in and there’s been places where you walk onto the beach then you
got a over hump sand that’s been washed in to get down to the water and my
question is why don’t they get out there with a bulldozer and take that hump and push it up rather than trunking it just
seems to me but you know I’m not an expert everything I is my opinion talking to other so there people that
really know what they’re going on I do question it I really do I I can take you to a beach where part of the beach is uh
renourish sand and then a little bit further south they don’t renourish there
they won’t let them renourish there and the beach the beach is perfectly fine there’s nothing wrong with the beach the
houses on the be on the sheline don’t get damaged and there’s nothing wrong
so I mean they they’re renourishing the beaches to protect the houses and the condos along the shores that’s basically
what they doing well the beachers are shrinking because uh like I was telling Susan
I said a lot of times you know you go over in the on the west coast and you got expansive beaches you know a lot
bigger beaches when you come over here you don’t got to walk that far to get down to the water there’s not that much
Beach because they built it right up boom and it’s not like even in Daytona
where you’ve got a big expansive Beach down here you really don’t have that because they built them close it can be
really steep sometimes going down from Dune right down to the waterline it can be really
sleep I’ve had trouble where I get all excited and I jump down in there and
then sooner or later I gotta get back
up I know then you see the old little guy I’m digging steps to get back out of that thing
just he going down is always easier than coming back up exactly I’ll tell you I’m not real big on thinking things
so but you know I I feel that I am so blessed be able to enjoy what I enjoy
down here I you know I’m Mally teched virtually every day I you know Miss more
lately but I’m 83 years old I’m on virtually no medication whatsoever and
it’s the exercise and the true treasure is the people that I’ve met and the people that are watching here tonight
you know they’re good people and I’m just proud to be a part of this well that’s one thing about this hobby um the
people that are in the hobby we have found by and I think uh
Danny would agree and Rick and Billy would agree that the people that we’ve met in this hobby for the most part are
just good solid honest folks I mean you know you you could just meet somebody on
the beach that’s another detectorist and if you had to run back to your car you could leave your detector and your scoop
right there and they’d watch it for you you know you don’t really have to worry about them taking off with it so uh you
know there’s a lot of real good people and there there’s a lot of information at the local museums that great people
at the local museums oh yeah they you got some good museums down here friend
people bring stuff into the museums all the time that they find on the beaches and they want to know you know is it
from the fleet is it not from the fleet you that’s what brought me to Florida yeah years many many years ago I didn’t
even think about that we came down and we visited Old Navy buddy over at Tampa and then we went down went across come
up the East Coast here and I stopped at the mcclarity Museum and he you know I’m
looking at the movie I see all the Spanish treasure and so I asked the ranger there I said are they still find
it can they still find that treasure and he went back and he got a scrapbook and he brought it out and people that found
him with metal detectors or walking the beach would come into the museum they take their picture and I mean that was
it I wanted to be in that I mean that was my goal and I in it now yeah and now
plus you’ve written five no I’ve written six six yeah I just
enough fig of
six just you you may be in trouble as we
speak and Fred’s a published author and uh I think we need to uh let’s talk
about the museum so Fred there’s some some big news and I also want to say uh everybody
um join us in Wishing Nicole from the mfisher museum she wanted to be here
tonight but it’s her anniversary and they are on a cruise so everybody let’s
wish Nicole a happy anniversary and a happy birthday yes happy birthday and
happy anniversary birthday’s tomorrow so happy birthday yeah she’s she’s a young
woman and her husband is a great guy super people James is really good guy
yeah that’s great that’s and I like that museum yeah you know I think everybody
when we did the show from the museum that was the most watched uh show to date on Treasure talk
yeah you’re walking through stuff that nobody has touched for 300 years you
know in the story and the history behind and and that’s just scratching the surface there’s still so much l oh
there’s tons is it it’s a great reference for metal detectors because if you find some something on the beach you
can go look through that Museum and see if it looks like anything that’s in the museum yeah it’s just fantastic well
they got some special times coming up at the Museum don’t they they they actually do they’ve got M Fisher days now this is
um July 19th and 20th and normally every year it’s been down in Key West no
Fisher days big celebration and this year it’s in um it’s in Sebastian and it
just happens to be sebas as’s 100th birth 100th birthday this that’s cool I
didn’t know that but um the mfisher days is going to be wonderful there’s gonna there’s going to be a there’s going to
be a a hunt going from bar to bar and there’s going to be all kinds of parties
going on and lot of stuff going on lot there’ll be a lot of parties there’s gonna be a lot of stuff going on so I’d
encourage you if you if you’re from out of town come in town uh 19th and 20th of
July and it’s going to be a fun oh it’ll be a great time and go to the museum it’s a fantastic Museum you saw a little
bit of it on the show but we have been there sus and I have been there and I think last year we went I think Rick
went and uh Danny wasn’t able to be here last year uh but a whole bunch of us
went over there and for those that don’t know Nicole is Mel Fisher’s granddaughter am I correct and her
mother is taffy Fisher Taffy and her and Melvin Fisher is there
also Melvin and Nicole run the museum now where Taffy used to run it MH so
that that’s the Fisher family and it doesn’t get any more Regal than that when it comes to treasure hunting and
they’re doing a lot of Renovations there they the theater room uh they they’re
coming they came up with a new sound system they’ve had an artist come in and
paint it like the inside of a ship an old wooden ship even so much detail is
painting a dirty old black rat on one of the walls well that was part of it I think
that was part of it and they did a beautiful job of of redoing that room and they’re doing some touchscreen stuff
in another room it’s gonna be really interesting to see what they’re what what they’re well that is cool that I
love that place and I’ve been to the male fish museum in Key West which is absolutely awesome you know and this one
is it’s it’s it’s right there with it yeah right stuff there everything from
religious artifacts through to the coins through silver bars Canon there yeah
they’ve got everything there see bre has been a big part of and been one he
you’ve done a lot of work I I’ve done a bit of work there um we I I actually I’m
a tour guide when they have a big group come through I I go down there and help out as being a tour guide a large group
you do a great job with that friend um Phil the the guru uh who who
wants to be here uh but he’s got to run the shop so he can’t come and join in all the festivities one day uh we’re
going to get him over here at the house so uh everybody send Phil a message send
him an email at metal detector go on to his uh you know Myers Depot
send him a message you need to go to Sebastian that’s it so he wants to know
how far you guys walk on an average day I don’t walk nearly as far as my
wife my wife’s a walker but I average probably I say five or six month the better the detecting the less I walk I’m
digging you know so if I come home and I walk seven or eight miles I just hav have a good
day I’m about the same as Terry yeah I just keep walking till the find stuff and find a good spot you never know
where you’re going to find it and you don’t and sometimes you just keep walking and walking and walking until
you shoot and Scoot you know there not finding something move on and it’s the
beach changes every tide you know every time it changes and you want to look you
know it’s 300 years since this this treasure has been lost for over 300
years and it’s down deep and that stuff and so what you’re looking for is I tell everybody when you’re going to the beach
access look to the left look to the right you know look down the beach and it looks like the water’s coming up B
some that’s because it’s St slow that’s where you should detect yeah you know and uh the treasures there folks I bet
you I walked over probably billions of them oh yeah well there so much sand you
know detectors only can only go so deep and Terry and I will hit different beaches and then call each other and let
Let each other know what’s going on if the beach is any good well that’s what we’re hoping tomorrow y’all are going to steer us the right
way you know no pressure right no no we wouldn’t do that we wouldn’t do that at
all so what have you been finding well my uh I think it’s
something I showed a few days ago but my latest and greatest find I I brought two of my favorite finds with me and my my
latest really good find was was this ring and little bit of History I don’t
know if you could see get it right up to the camera for there you go there you go
that is absolute killer and that is
99.99% uh pure silver and uh a little
bit we Terry and I have both researched this ring and a little bit about the ring
um we we believe it’s it’s the nights of Malta because it’s a malse cross on
there and in the 1500s the Knights Templar went into Malta and fortified it
against the Turks and um what they did then was they disband they were
disbanded in 1507 I believe that they was and then the kns of Malta were
formed and they uh they went on and the Spanish military had three religious
groups and one of them was the kns of Malta and I believe this is off a
Spanish shipwreck because we found it amongst a whole lot of uh bronze spunks
and Terry brought some of those along show you tonight but the bronze spik
used three 1500s in in their ships so do you think that ring might
have come off of any of the 175 Fleet or was it older than that I think it’s older than that and I don’t know if you
can see see well we can tilt the camera we got and the thing about these spikes that
the reason I brought them tonight these were found at the same time that we found found the ring in the same spot
with the exception of the one your hold and that I found in the same area but a couple days before but these spikes
these are bronze you know and and they they go way back for the the like the planks the
deck planks yeah there’s a couple theories on it they say you in the 1750 most of the ships had very short ship
life and they used steel spikes and they’re cheaper and they just don’t stand up they think that maybe these are
prior to 1715 or they’re from people of wealth you know and they could afford
the bronze spikes or they thought maybe that they used the steel up high and these down low there several three but
they’re old I mean this thing has been lost long time and that’s what I believe is part of a
ke because see a lot of people wouldn’t recognize if they found something like that they just think it was junk you
know they don’t realize what they might have found but look at this stuff like these little TS now again all this stuff
was found in a two-day period he and I were together and we were in area probably the size of this one and you
know so that certainly dates his ring you know like this is a bronze sheating
tank you know they had the line the bottom of the the ships was led because of the tornado WIS you know and there’s
a lot other stuff here I got a bunch of 50 Gall bullets from but uh you know other than that you
know that that’s a good indication look at this fight you know that had to be to vend a spike like that that had to be in
a pretty violent stor oh yeah you know so yeah definitely and there’s a hole
this is the ho Spike right here and that would go through a deck a deck plank something like that
that’s cool so that’s why like I said most people if they pulled something up
like that they just figure it was Hurricane trash or something you know
and so you it kind of it pays to watch shows like this so you learn from those
that know so if you find something like thaty you might have something certainly
you know and am I correct and if somebody was out on the beach and they found something they could not identify
they could take it into Mel Fisher Museum and they will identify it fractally every day somebody somebody
will bring something in and and I’ve been down there when when I get cold
once in a while to go down there and have a look at see see what was brought in and some really interesting stuff um
on one occasion excuse me Guy brought in a
silver bar about seven inches long no about 4 inches long and it’s was about e
inch thick and it had excuse
me a a Crest and crown on it and I it
was in it was in backwards so I took a picture of it and held it against the mirror and I could see the U
the VR on there and I was raised in England and uh I guess I failed history
because it you were playing hookie FR you was out detecting and stuff it it
actually I the guy didn’t say where he found it so I just assumed and you know
when you assume you get in trouble I assumed it was a Spanish shipwreck but
really it was an English shipwreck so I was trying to find out what VR was and then U Nicole’s sent a picture to
um their archaeologist and it turned out to be VR which is Victoria rain which is
Queen Victoria so off of the English ship and it was along with that the guy
had found some little gold ornaments and stuff out of that so he had a good day
and I I I went down later and um to the
same location thank you I went down later and found uh copper sheathing so it was an 1800s ship Queen Victoria and
I found copper sheathing because the uh after the lead sheathing they they would
line the bottom of the ships with copper because the lead would corrode they don’t lead lid Nails don’t work too good
there soft so they had to they had to put um Iron nails or copper nails to hold the lead in place and that caused a
corrosion and they they finally went to copper and copper copper nails like these go that Terry had and copper
sheathing in the bottom of the ships well the old old ones from the 1715 Fleet was that lead sheeting or was that
copper be and you guys find I don’t know you got to understand
too that some of these ships were actually made other countries and were captured
and put into use and some were actually purchased that happened with the Hampton Court was one of the 1715 Poli it was
captured by the French uh it was built in I believe 1678 or something and then
it was rebuilt in uh 1701 and then it was captured by the
French off of England and then it was taken to Dunkirk and then um sold to the
Spanish and it became one of the flagships for the Spanish Fleet on the 1715 Fleet and that ship had two and a
half tons of lead sheathing just on the Keel of the ship that was a big ship
though wasn’t it yeah about how long you reckon it was 120 something like that
yeah that’s good and how about how much crew do you think one of those had they
had over 100 people oh yeah yeah they would have on these ships that have maybe 400 people coming back I mean how
many uh tons of cargo like you know in the 175 Fleet that was a lot of stuff
they picked up in Cuba wasn’t it yeah one was brought in from the Orient and
it was brought from all over the pearls come from one country the you know the Kani Pottery came from the Orient silver
from Bolivia Peru and gold and emeralds from U from Colombia and then Mexico
they would have gold and over from Mexico as well so so they came from all over and they would have the the Spanish
Fleet that went to China and the Philippines they would bring back the uh
the porcelain and silks and stuff like that and they’ have to take that across
um Central America on mules on a Mule Train and to to the other side to get on
with the fleet but the fleet would always meet in Havana after after they
Assemble the fleet in Havana then they would leave all together for safety and go up through the Florida
straight when the 175 Fleet left it was very late they were waiting on I don’t
know exactly what they were waiting on but they were end of the hurricane season it was the start of very late for
them to take off it was July 24th and then uh July 31st is when they had the
the hurricane and the ships were washed ashore and there were a lot of survivors
too oh that that that’s what and there’s a an area I know you’ve uh mentioned it
before Terry and I think you have too Fred were the survivors Camp the the main survivors Camp was at the Mardi
Museum okay yeah I knew there was some kind connection there was another survivors Camp further south at carens
Rec which is Turtle Trail and there and that’s where um we find the musket balls
and things like that yeah I got that one time I got 210 musket balls 3day period
And once manage going I I found musket balls and then on another occasion I found a cannon ball I found just Olive
dry top you want to tell about that just give it to us I know what’s
coming here I know what’s you’re never ever going to live that down live this
down but it was no it was it’s a good story well let’s have it well you know
they call me the legend you know and and which is kind of inappropriate but they
do and I haven’t gotten all of J and I was gritty being very careful looking
for Treasure gritting heading this way and here comes Fred he gets close to me
and he bends down and picks up this Olive jar top it’s a neck actually neck of an olive jar and anybody can find the
pieces of olive jar but there’s only one neck to every Olive jar and they s for about $400 and I don’t have them but I
have them and I’m very proud of and he
doesn’t have one and I tell you you know here’s the thing at Christmas time you send him a picture of it don’t you and
on your Christmas part he sees it he’s got visitation rights he comes over and sees
it a couple times he let me hold it I’m next thing I want I want to get my picture taken with it well we had our
picture taken well both of us had a finger in it fighting over at one time well you need to get a Christmas card
holding up the olive jar and going and just send that to Terry I think I might do that you know when we
were a detective when he found that ring which dropped everything I was finding these spikes
and I was doing really well and and BR said I haven’t found a bronze spik yet
and I was digging and Ron and fr very very close you know and as I scooped it
up it just tipped it up so it stepped straight and I can see it laying down there so I reached down picked it up and
threw it in front of PR so this is going to make you mad isn’t it and it made it made me
mad but later I found a piece of the spik Bron like and one of those bronze spins and I was so happy for
him actually I was it’s it’s called pouting on the beach you’ve heard of the
drinks the beach this is pouting on the beach we I got over but see now that’s
one of the treasures of Med I made a friend with Fred and we been enjoyed each other I Fred actually invited me to
go out and with him out in North Dakota on the Indian we had a ball had a great time we
had a great time I I the first day he got there was like it was you got there
about noon yeah yeah and I took him straight out to the farm and to took him
to field that I wanted him to metal detect in and it it’s i’ I’d been there before and I knew there was nothing but
a lot of pistol bullets there and I just turned him loose and he was metal
detecting all around my Jeep and he it was like a kid in the candy store he was just pulling them and I was just
standing back watching I was enjoying just watching him I stepped out of the vehicle throwing the detector on you get
a beat and if you scooped it up and dumped it up you dumped it on another pH you know I mean it just phenomenal but
you know he invited me out there and just prior to that we had an accident with my car a 95y old man was back in we
were in a parking lot at a store and he was backing out and he must he went to hit the brakes he hit the gas had a big
Cadillac and run right into my car front and then he went on and hit a pick on the pickle around and I think he might
have hit us the way back you know but anyway we weren’t hurt but you know I couldn’t get the car repaired and he
invited me out there so what I did is I got some wire and wired my Fender onto my car you know and I drove out to
Montana we stayed in Sydney Montana with one a head like that one headl down
here well he’s looking for an know yard Tu you know that’s what he was doing as
you never know and there might be a stray one but you guys have made some tremendous finds over the years down
here on the Treasure Coast uh I know you’ve got uh one there Fred and Terry you got this this
gorgeous ring that Jean was so kind as to let him
bring okay the ring I got it it’s it’s well I found a lot of rings but this
ring here is it’s missing one stone and I think it’s a ruby and if it’s a ruby
you know apparently they can’t ship rubies into the United States anymore and these things are much more valuable
than diamonds so if this is a real Ruby this is a kind of a high dollar ring and diamonds are number 10 on the
hardest scale and rubies are nine and when I test this with my diamond tester
it’ll test right up to almost the 10 so I I need an expert to authenticate
it but tell them how you found it but when you found it all of that was
the only thing in your that was the only thing in your sco oh friend I detected again and walk
down to the beach and this is my very first thing you know and I you know I follow the waves out you know so I and
and you know because the beaches will be kind of at an angle as the waves recede is dropping sand so if you follow the
waves out you can get down a little bit deeper but you’re going to get beat up waves are going to get so when you get a Target you know you have to stand there
let the wave go by then let go scoop it up real quick see and I did that I scooped it up got it in the scoop and
the wave come back and took everything out of my scoop with the ring on the Sant and I looked in I could see that
thing spark there so I walked over and just put my scoop in front and I P I pulled it out of the
scoop no rival there N I think the adjective for both friend
I had a gentlemen you’re not bu that are you no
well you know well we uh we we know uh okay let’s we got a question here from
Frank’s fly traps uh what machine and coils are they mainly swinging on the
beach these days I I’m still using the legend and I
use a legend with the with 11inch coil on there and I’ve had a lot of success I
found the found the ring and a lot of things with that and same one same machine that works great up there in the
Indian country and I use a 6in coil up there and uh found a found a cannonball to
half ft deep with 6 inch coil up it yeah that’s that’s good now they they’ve just released that beast mode I guess in the
legend have you upgraded to that I’m going to do it after this weekend um I I
talked to Mark um yesterday about it and I told him I was GNA upload it after
this weekend because we’re going to the central Florida hunt Saturday and I was
I I didn’t want to upload it first I’m going to do it right after the weekend and then they I am heard much about it
other than that it is available and uh so you’re swinging the deis right Terry
I’m swing the de on the beach but I also have the legend I use the Legends up north you know it’s waterproof and that
and and I’m very impressed with it I tell you it is a wellb built machine it really is and I used a small coil when I
was out with right up Montana and that and I used a small coil waiting the river but on the beach I’ve been using
the DS2 it’s light I’ve got the carbon I’ve had three surgeries on this arm two
on this arm and I just need the light this and I’ve been very happy with it I mean after a while you know you get to
know your machine and it kind of talks to you you know you know a lot of times fast the time I’ll know what is
there before I even together you can tell the S and the numbers and that yeah I mean I’ve got a manicure I’ve got a um
Equinox 800 and I’ve got a ctx3030 but I’m out there with a legend well the
legend is from what I understand uh is it’s the killer machine I’ve got a
couple friends that got the legend and they just absolutely love it I’m excited about the beast mode trying that out and
it is built like a tank yeah it’s well built and it’s uh you know it’s simple
you know you can turn it on and you’re all you have to do there’s a different adjustments you can make but you don’t
need to it’s a very it would be considered you know first line beginner
detector as far as technology and how R you know the day is you got to spend a little time figuring that yeah you need
to figure that out a little bit but uh that that Legend and it’s it’s built very very well but it’s not heavy no the
heaviest part is the coil but um I’ve been swinging that thing and I can swing
that all day long and not have any problems well anybody you know that’s
was swinging the uh um Equinox uh you know I think the Legend’s
probably a little bit lighter and a little more well balanced than an equinox you know a lot better than the
equino it’s build a lot better better than the equino and I’ve got the 800 and
I’ve got the 600 and I’ve us them a lot and and I pick a legend any yeah I would
I would as myself because I had uh I had an equinox and uh I had four of them
leak on me and you know coiler break and stuff like that and when a machine is
built as it should be you’re not going to have that problem and I don’t think you’ll have that problem at all I mean
there’s I’ll probably get in trouble for saying it but I would prefer a legend over a mind lab I just I just would they
never break they always break when it’s the most inconvenient time they do indeed they do indeed I used to be I
have airplan I bought a flying fishing res and when you fly your airplane you have
a checklist and I reach the age where I’m going to have to do that for my detective stuff I made it a practice while Le up always forget to reach one
thing every trip you know and so you should have a little checklist your
detor your school oh I because I have gone well I’m G to tell one on myself
and Moonlight Graham will and you he’ll testify to this couple years ago we’re
down on Treasure Island and I can’t half SE and I got a new coil for my
de well if anybody knows about the deis coils they got a serial number on them
and they don’t always it could be an eight or it could be a b so you know I’m trying to you know do
my tri focals up and all kinds of stuff so I get it entered and you know get it
all charged up I go down to the beach nothing I go so then I got to go back so
we’re having dinner that night and I’m complaining about it and of course Mr
Moonlight Graham says well you ain’t nothing but a blind old sob why don’t you take your phone and make it bigger I
said you know what that’s not a bad idea so I took a picture of it made it
bigger works like a chest you know sometimes it’s so you know you forget
the very obvious the things that you can I tell story you can tell any kind of
story I was detecting up in Minnesota in the river and I go through this farmer
field in the woods and I get right up park right by the river I got out of my truck and a bear had pooped right behind
my truck and it didn’t bother me any I just put my waiters on went detecting and when I got all done I took the
waiters off and stepped in the bear and I don’t know what that bear was eating but it was just oh gosh it was terrible
I wiped myself off the best I could drove home which was about 12 miles with
my windows open on my trucks rang the doorbell on my house and asked my wife
if she would unlock the basement door so I can step right go right into the shower and I’m in the shower when I
suddenly realized when I did that I’m three foot away from the river filled with
water things like that that just really kind of I know I I I like I prefer to
think that your head is so full of knowledge that there’s no room for that kind of stuff that’s it you know I this stuff
all the time nobody say something oh yeah yeah everybody’s
waiting for it so this Miranda achen says she always
travels with duct tape and a backup detector well yeah we always got backup
detectors duct tape is a wonderful thing I even use it on my airplanes
just we call 100 mile peel off at 100 m well I knew we were going to get a
comment Johnny height says the Equinox 900 is fantastic uh not like the 800 I use
nocta simplex and 800 for years the 900 with carbon fiber and 6inch coral is
feather light two and half pounds I have heard that I have heard that it’s got to
be in MA sh because the they had some flaws in 800 and 600 the coil you know the ears of the coil were
bad and they both I I had both of mine filled up with water and I was not very deep in the water you know and rather
than repair that they went to the 900 and what they did in the 900 and the 700 has corrected all the things you know so
he’s got a prime machine there not that’s what I understand that they they
they learned from the 800 and the 600
and now they’ve stepped up their game with the uh and the manor they fixed all
the problems from the 800 with the manor now I have a question for you I know you
have a manacor because last year you had it on the beach and uh we had to stay a
block apart because it interfered with the deis um do you find in the surf that it
falses a lot yeah yeah it does I haven’t
used it in a while so um because I’ve been out there with the legend and stuff
but I did have a problem with it um up in North Dakota there’s a lot of tin and
trash around those PS and stuff so there’s a lot of trash around there and
I um I wanted to go deep because we knew there was an area there that there was
some good stuff in there deep so we I got the manor out first and it just
drove me crazy I had to put it back in the shark that’s when I brought the legend out and the legend was so easy to use and
distinguish the the trash metal from the good metal and stuff and
it you know it I I don’t get the chatter and stuff that you get with the maner on
the beach and stuff well we have a friend of ours I know big billy Kean is
his friend as well as Danny’s Sean Rous who uses his two machines I as I
understand it are his prime machine is the manacore and his back machine is the deis and he hunts mainly in the water I
think is that not right Billy yeah yeah he’s pretty much all water and uh he loves the manor he says it’s very
sensitive which I understand that it is and he says it’s deep which I understand
that it is well absolutely do yeah so uh you know all machines have uh you know a
lot of people don’t like the deis because it’s you know the small screen and you know you you got to learn how to
program it and then uh you know and the
thing pops off sometimes so every machine has its dilemas yeah uh so it’s
all in what everybody likes absolutely you know what works for them so uh I
think that you know they’re all good machines uh we got one from Florida metal detecting
here uh oh here’s one from Miranda Aken first sorry I’ll get to yours Florida uh
she said uh how long have you guys known each other uh it’s been about two years what
happened is Fred was giving a talk down at the clarity Museum and I was went
down there to hear the talk and uh Fred gave a pretty good presentation you know and and we got all done he thanked
everybody for being there and said if you enjoyed the presentation he said I’m Fred Banky but he said if you didn’t
like it I’m Terry shed and that’s where the Friendship started
and just typical me it is a lot of battery back and forth and it’s fun and
and uh we we talk to each other every day I think you know and uh Fred is is
one of the finest people I met ah I agree I agree 100% but I just treasure
his friendship and everything we U like said we we go medal teching together a lot
and really enjoy company and doing presentations together we have a really
good time doing presentations we’ll batter back and forth Baner back and forth well y’all are in demand because
uh like at wsas uh they have uh with their meetings and you guys have done their meetings
yeah and they absolutely we say you know come back as soon as you can just a lot of fun and I had I’m in
my third year be fourth year coming up teaching a class for seniors at the Shephard Center up in in melbo and Fred
now also teaching about the Indian Wars up there and these are senior citizens and it’s a wonderful program it’s just a
wonderful program they come in and I think they pay like $15 for the whole year and I teach in a week class and so
just it’s hour week and they’re probably packed out yep at my you know my class I know
in PH left in that never something but it it’s wonderful
people just wonderful people and because of that you know we get invited to other places and we just things are going
really well so just well it’s you know things go well for people that know what they’re talking about and know what
they’re doing and treat others with respect and that definitely describes both of you yeah because one thing I’ll
tell you one thing that I have heard from lots of people that don’t even know
that we are friends they say you know they come down to the Treasure Coast and
they run into one of you on the beach and you just treat them very well you
know you’re friendly you’re not get away from me and all this that and there’s some out there that do that you know you
know they’re they’re big shots or whatever but that the public Persona
that you both have it’s immense you know and people
really appreciate that I I wrote this book detecting the Treasure Coast it’s my very first book
and it’s been really it’s been it’s a very good book and it’s sold well I’m very proud of it and this we we’re
upgraded and this is going to be the color Edition it’s going to be in color and does that ever make a difference
these oh Big Time color pictures big time and what happened my first book was 200 Pages this one is 140 and exactly
the same thing and this one is in the other nothing and Fred is the one that
was responsible for doing that he took a and reduced the size of the pictures
reduce the size of the of the print here a little bit narrowed the margins and then on the lot of the pictures you know
where I’d have a picture something written underneath he put the print up on the side you know and so I’m able to
come out with a colored addition and it’s because of Fred eff I makes it easier to read and correlate EX and
there’s another fellow Jim mlin and Jim you know is just he very good he cits
all Miss Belling and the punctuations and that I tell everybody it’s true that when I had English in high school that’s
when I met my wife G and I missed it all it’s hurtful I don’t have an
excuse nor do we even need one yeah so anyway I’ve already this is the first
proof has come back we got I’m working on the you can see the proof didn’t come out the
color Center so we’re redoing the top and then I so this will be out in about two or three weeks it’s exactly the same
book only in C well Bill wants Bill wants it dozen and it it’s it’s a fantastic
reference book um it it’s the same book but it’s the color makes all the difference oh it does it uh in one spot
here I talk about the uh let me see if I can find it about the orange sand you
know when you look for the orange sand and then you’re down to the original Beach
and you know it the pictures just stand out I mean it just makes such a
difference when I talk about a cut or or or uh you know a bowl or something like
that it you see it in color it just brings it home here the definition is much greater in color I talk about the
orange look at that pi and that that gives people recognition they go well in black and white you can’t really tell
the difference in the color and it’s substantial yeah I found now they can see it I found this coin and and they
believe at this time that this is the oldest coin found in the Treasure course if it’s not the oldest it’s one of the
oldest it’s uh this coin was minuted in Mexico and the assayer was a guy by the
name of guntz and his he worked from 1544 to 1548 so that kind of dates a
coin and I found two of it and the way I found them I was walking down the beach
by the water and then I looked up in the bank I could see that orange sand the crabs were digging it up and I walked
over there and I had three of the most fantastic days of detective ever you know it took me three days to I two of
these Spanish well that’s something right there you know and so it’s it’s you know colored book is going to make a
huge difference we got a couple questions here one from Florida metal detecting uh how does Terry and Fred
feel about the beaches being replenished with the Sands he got here a little late and missed that so let’s go over that
again well you know they say that if you can’t say anything positive don’t say anything at all so I’m not gonna
talk it it’s it’s criminal what’s happened it’s killing the sand fleas it’s it’s killing
the reefs you know it’s killing Turtles and the treasure Hunters you know this
is a Treasure Coast they call this a Treasure Coast because there’s treasure out there and what the Sand’s doing is
washing out covering up that treasure if you had Fizz in here and a couple of the other divers they’ll say now that
they’re blow to hold down 10 feet to get to the original sand and all of that sand has to go somewhere so every year
they they’re bringing in truck it in more sand more sand so it gets where the inner reef is actually covered with sand
now and it kills the fishing the sand fleas the
whole the whole life yeah the turtles everything I think
they got to be Nish you know what F the erosion but I think there’s got to be a
better solution what to do yeah get rid of some of the houses and stuff and let the dunes be like they’re supposed to be
I I mean my opinion is that the people living on along the shore we’re putting
all this taxpayers money there to protect their houses and that’s the only reason they’re replenishing the beaches
to protect the houses and the cond along the beach yeah because they don’t care about their bers whether I’m wrong or
not I I personally believe that they should race their taxes so that their
taxes pay for their houses being their Beach being renourished and uh or their
insurance raise their insurance where their insurance pay for but something should be done instead of just taking
all the taxpayers money and completely wasting it on every year or every other
year well you know if they want to have their house on the beach then they need to be levied so much every uh year as a
as a fee for uh saving the dunes and then maybe they wouldn’t want to I mean
there’s I’ve seen a lot of houses that don’t get re nourished and they’re fine so it’s just certain houses and certain
areas and I think it’s sad well it does it it ruins the beach um Grandma they got bear
which which you know I just wish they’d have a better way of do yeah better way of doing it I agree uh we’ve got a
couple uh Grandma Kelly’s clean life clean living uh has got your books she’s
got one ordered it off Amazon and you can’t hardly wait to get it God bless
thank you much here’s here again Grandma Kelly’s clean life clean living says I think we
just let the houses go the world is changing and I am sure that is an
unpopular opinion I happen to agree with it just you know let her go you know
bring the breaches back because Mother Nature will always take care of
herself you know it may not seem like it but that’s why they have storms storms
come in deposit a lot of sand storms come in take sand away you know that’s
why there’s storms I think uh so you know it’s not only for the uh the
wildlife it’s it hurts the wildlife and uh other stuff and plus
plus kills the detecting you know you think that has anything to do with my decision oh have
a lot to do with mine now on the on the Treasure Coast the 1715 Fleet was what 11
ships you know it was 11 it was actually 12 ship one was was a friendship and the
Spanish would not let the Friendship leave because he’s afraid that they alert the Pirates and that stuff and the
friendship was not load the treasure so it was faster and it took off but we were my wife and I yesterday were at the
clity so we sat through the movie again and the movie they said 10 chips but I’m under the impression it’s 11 you know
and how many have been found out of the out of the 11 that’s my understanding they found six and now this was told to
me when we came down in 200 five there 2006 in that that area and they said
that they found six and the average Salvage for those six ships has been 41
million per ship you know that’s back into you know what you know what it would be now and I do believe that the
seventh ship was right up by where I live right because you find stuff all all the
way up to Patrick Air Force Base don’t you my very first Spanish coin was a 1701 Spanish 2 real found right in front
of the Trail apartment right we used to have a camper on the beach and when I found the coin I could see see the Camp
talk about a f there’s only one first you know I put it in my pocket walked a few steps took it out looked at it and
Fred did the same thing with his ring he driving home he said every stop he took he took it off my you did the same thing with that
Olive jar uh top didn’t you bring that up again don’t you you’re gonna have
that made into a necklace I laughed all the way home you have it made into a necklace so
every time you go to Terry’s house but the interesting thing about the 1715 Fleet is really hard to identify which
ship is which ship and there there’s no really identify
identification of of the ships um a lot of people believe the you know theories
and everything I came up with a map with u with where most people thought they
the um the which ship was on which beach and everything but as as time goes by
more research is done and now they’re they’re Chang in the location of some of the ships oh really yeah I didn’t
realize that the uh the the Sandy Point wreck um which they believed uh was
another ship well the the Hampton Court the English ship um that that that was
the Carmen and that was the ri marick and the as The Story Goes the the ship
the Carman washed the shore almost intact oh really and when it washed the
shore intact it couldn’t have done that in front of real M because there’s there’s a there’s a really Rocky Reef
there and it had to go over three reefs and it would never it would have breaken apart just like the rest of the ships
but now they believe that the the Carmen is a Sandy Point wreck because it only
had to make it over one reef and then they were what happened was he got stuck in the sand during the storm and they
were throwing cannons out so there was a perfect line of cannons where they were dropping them to try and refloat the the
ship but it couldn’t fight the storm and it got washed in in one piece there re
at Sandy Point that’s that’s a new belief so do you think it’s because they’re continually diving the wrecks
and finding more information identification people are researching doing more research
in Spain in Havana and places like that but
um you know we we don’t know you unless you find a chips Bell or if you go back
in time when when the um the bronze cannon from the Spanish they they were
very easy to trace so the bronze cannons they would have a serial number they
would have a name of the the cannon was each Cannon was named with a and they
knew it had the king’s Crest on there so there’s a lot of information the weight
what it was made of now the iron cannons they’re just going to corrode they’re going to rush and and the iron
cannons had information on them too but [Music] um through R and corrosion there’s not
much left of the canons yeah people got to remember too that there’s a heck of a lot of ships out there that are sunk
other than the 17 oh absolutely I mean the 1715 Fleet this Treasure Coast is
known for the 1715 Fleet but there’s so many more ships oh I imagine so it just
wasn’t that group of ships that got caught in hurricanes and well this didn’t come 17 15 you know
it been happening for probably you know 100 years before that oh 200 years we
got a question from rum tide uh what’s everyone’s favorite book on the 1715
Fleet mine L does
again I would say hey he asked yeah I tell there is a lot of good
books up you know there really is and one of the fellows was here last year
said Jones you know he wrote what was the name of that tears of the sweat of the sun tears of the Moon yes sir and
that is a phenomenal but that’s about the atosan yeah and it’s one of those things when you start reading it you
know you’re not gonna get much work done because you’re gonna finish me well it is it is a page Turner that is for sure
and Sid KT wanted to be here tonight but they are are doing uh air shows they’ve
got an old panito and they just had an engine rebuilt and they take people for right
they got a bomber and then a a fighter plane I think and they were doing the air shows and it just didn’t coincide
but they love talking about this and you’re right Terry uh that book sweat of
the sun tears of the Moon very well-written book it and it will tell you the complete story see people they
think that they you know they just got in the boat went out there oh here’s the here’s the treasure and started pulling
up that ain’t the way it works but it could work that way it could work that way but the the fishing museum has an
excellent selection of U treasure books everything from the atosa to the 1715
Fleet by numerous authors including Terry and uh myself what did he give
you I I can’t see that’s that’s a book one of the best books on the 1715 plate
Le that’s that’s a oh yes yes it is this is written by the guy Steels already
that’s right can I talk about this yes yes yeah
let’s talk about that okay so I I brought two of my favorite clients and
this one I found over a year ago and this is 7 and 12 inches tall 6 in wide
and it’s made of bronze and the bronze actually has silver in it which means it’s very old bronze
and when I first got this out of the water it it was covered in sand it in
capsulated in sand and uh it it it it was hard to make out exactly what it was
but when I saw those two pillars I knew it had to be Spanish because that’s the same pillars that are on the coins and
stuff so um it’s it it does have a nine
karat gold wash blading on it what do you think it was well the the I
had it on Facebook a few times and I got all kinds of really U weird things some
some some some guy put on there that he thought it was a toilet roll
holder and they have a saying in England that uh in days of old when nights were
bold and paper weren’t invented they wiped their ass on a blade of grass and had to be contented
but they didn’t have to back in those days but
um I I they’re so and those two guys up there can
identify so um the 17 Fleet Society has
um thank you has a u archaeologist proo and I sent pictures
to him and actually showed it to him and he believes it’s the religious artifact
so he believes it’s a travel version of something that would behind you know be behind a Catholic alar so there would be
there would be some kind of painting or uh something hanging hanging in the
center of it well we got a qu a comment from Andrew T he’s up in Canada he says
a relic liary reliquary or what I don’t know I can’t pronounce yeah but that’s that
would be a religious type thing wouldn’t it not yeah exactly and then Grandma Kelly uh doesn’t Terry have a book on
that too I have I have six of them six of
them and how many books do you have in print now three three I’m working on my for yeah and it’s going to contain the
olive jar right yeah pictures that was in the first one and it’ll it will make another
appearance with a picture of Terry holding it yeah I actually have a I
actually have a um in this book here I have a chapter on Terry Shannon in this
book and it tells a lot about a lot about the man and a lot a lot of his
science are and stuff too so it’s a very good chapter I and with all the Rings he
found you know over a thousand rings at the time I I named the chapter Lord of
the Rings that would be pretty accurate Mr that would be a very accurate
uh why do you think Jean’s hung around though so many years I mean I remember this was a
number of years ago a couple friends and I went down and you probably remember that time we came over to your house and
uh well that was years and years ago it was and he puts a big p huge pile of
rings on the table you know and I was uh you know doing YouTube channel then and
um I I told him I said well I says I probably shouldn’t put this you know on
YouTube you know people might find out you got all these rings and then they come and Rob you Terry says that’s okay
he’s I got a lot of [Laughter] guns but that was it was amazing the
amount of rings that he has found you know a lot of those rings come from
Minnesota there’s a the OU of tail River and I grew up on that OU of tail River
you know when I was a kid I was playing in that River as a kid I’m 83 now I’m still playing in that same river but
they tube down the river course tubes you know you float it’s the narrow fast moving River and
you know when they get close to shore they get their hands in the water and their wind were fun any cuz it it’s cold yeah and it
shrinks up the fingers or whatever or they dump and you know had a couple times this last year where I scooped you
know ring up or a coin up and an Arad in the
school Arad in that so this is wonderful place it is now wasn’t it last the last year there was a a lot more water in the
river than there generally is no last year the water went down and I was able to get into some spots and I found a
couple rings that I I really quite and the one I got the ring and I got an arrowhead right beside you know in
musket balls and stuff like there’s a lot of history there and they also the old W there and I also I’ve got a Red River
Valley oard PT and I’ve had exus of rights to that really was the farmer was
a friend of mine he invited me out went out there every year and the Red Rock carts were uh French men and married
Indian ladies and he called them keys and they had these Ox cards and these Ox carts were made with no metal or
anything like that all wood and it just squealed as they drove it because they put GRE of tire that would gather dust
and act STP paper and they went right through our town and found some
phenomenal stuff old seed coins and and and the farmer has since died and he
turned the farm over to her daughter and her husband and their children now have it and both the boys married girls that
are are very active and teachers that and so everything I found I’ve given back and with the idea that they you
know show it they just don’t stick it some place and and then I’m into the sell holes now you know where they in
Minnesota when they built a cell hole was actually to keep things refrigerated
but when they built their cabin short ways away they would build another smaller cabin and the reason for that
being if their house bur down and that happened lot and Minnesota witer you just don’t go stay at a regular Motel
any back then you may have I and I found you know got just tons of really
interesting artifact oh I bet I bet then I moved in with Fred on his Indian War
Stu and just having a b well he’s got a ton of it and Fred I just want you to say that Grandma Kelly’s clean life
clean living says okay got the Fred Banky book coming
too Thank you Grandma and uh Florida metal detecting is is
Terry going to publish his Sheriff story book anytime soon the sh story book is
written it was taking a backseat to this thing but it is written but the cover is done I just have not sent it in it but
it will be in shortly and it’s my copy stories I started out as a a police officer in Morehead Minnesota and then I
ran for sheriff in Becca County and I was elected as sure I spent two terms in
there I didn’t run to the third term because I bought a flying Fishing Resort up in Canada Way up Northern Canada I
had 10 Outpost camps the only way to reach my camps was by airplane and so I was I’m a licensed pilot in the United
States and Canada and I sold that did really well I AB also bought a wild rice
company up there and had them all paid for sold them and did well and retired
and that didn’t work out very well they called me and asked if I go to work as a policeman in
per neighboring town and I thought God it would be fun to go out there and drive fast w w w that and so I got my
license back up to date I’m an instructor so I just taught some classes and not get CR for and I went to the
interview and they interviewed me and they hired a young kid right out of rookie school and so I called up the city
manager I said I don’t understand that I said you know you called me I didn’t apply for job and you hired the kid and
they said well will you take the Chief’s position and there was a setup all
along and so I said I’ll give you two years and I was there for eight and just
a wonderful time and uh uh you know that I had some interesting T like I had some
kids uh found a dead deer in the roope and the way to school so he picked it up
put it in the girl’s bathroom set on the stove cross its legs and had a hook up
like this with a cigarette the Poli you they call the police
department I go up there take one look at it and the uh the superintendent of the school said what are you gonna do I
said abolutely nothing I said I think that’s wonderful laughing and he’s laughing he’s a friend of mine he told
me to get the hell out of there you know and so that night I get a call from the newspaper officer that afternoon they
asked if the story was true and I said yes it was and I never got a picture that gu I was one and they said well we
also heard that you wouldn’t do your job so they K you in school said that’s true too my wife and I watched TV that night
they never said a thing well one story you got to tell is the walking
short walking short is that one right through the that’s what they used to
call you instead of you Pusser Walking Tall okay what what I had
it when I first took over I I uh got a call at whole only police chief of or
sure for about a week and he said two people have been sh there’s been a shooting two people have been shot they
thought one was a deputy and a trooper was on his way to pick me up and uh I
grabbed my rifle run outside there’s a trooper come in I hopped in the car and we went up was on the reservation and I
love to drive fast but I mean to ride fast is another hold different and I’ll never forget that I I came over the hill
and I look down and here’s a house here with a bunch of guns sticking out the windows there’s a trailer house over
here with guns a body laying in between and the whole area was surrounded by all these strange cops and I’m the boss and
if I could have Pi the heart attack I’d have been out of there really hard and you know I used a I had tear gas gun and
I big shelves I put them on the hood of the car and I make a phone told the house to give up or I going to blow it
up and they all jumped out the wood and gave up see so I just got the trailer house when I get up you know the guy was
shooting all the time and finally qu shooting I figured he’s not held up a feather and he held up a baby
and when he quit shooting I figur you know the natives were coming and then I had to do something have time in so I
went up there to the trailer to the door told him to open up and they told me to do something that was physically
impossible was and at that time my depy was
sneaking up alongside the trailer and they threw a car battery out the window and hit him in the head and I just lost it see and I picked
up bicycle and break out the pcture you know SL and was had a 2×4 they’re
hitting me with that 2×4 apparently I was some I didn’t realize and I do in the window and I searched the trailer
and I couldn’t find the guy you know and and then one of my other deput one Deputy joined me in I went back in the
in the bedroom there’s a long closet and then there was a gap before and I pulled the paning off and there was a hot water
heater he was standing on that so I grabbed him by the feet you know and fight was on and I’m on the bottom and
my Deputy come in they hit him in the head with a hatchet down and I finally
get the guy handcuff get him to the door and he spins away from me and runs away
and I’m right behind him so I tackle you know and as I’m wrestling with this guy on the ground you know another big
Indian come up and kicked him in the face and I stood up and I hit this guy see so here I come up bring me in you
know I take a Bice go beat out the pitch window dive into the Dil house and the next time they see me I’m running out
tackling this guy then hitting another guy and that’s what they started call me beautiful Pusher you walking short and
the bicycle the stories changeed it was no longer a bicycle it’s a tricycle and remember riding
as yeah uh Florida metal detecting also says one more question if I
may can Terry tell the story how he got the the nickname SN
snowball back in his flying days oh
yeah I wasn’t even a pil I’ve had a couple plane crashes in fact I had back
to back you know I crashed one PL bought another one and crashed that first FL
and the first one and second one the
engine but I was getting destruction I just learning how to fly and I flew in the farle and the runway kind of went an
angle and they had a big big pile of snow and as I come in and I probably got
like six hours the air and it started to ppose and they tell you what it’s pping
to push the stick forward and pull the plane on the ground and I did that you
know I’m really experienced all six hours I pushed the stick forward but a gust of wind picked me up and I wasn’t being in the wind flew right into that
big snowman and of course my thoughts were that both wings are full of gas so I don’t well did shut the airplane off
and the airplane you know climb back and shut it off and they said you know all right fine they sent
out I had to fill out a form you know what about the accident and then they handed me set a keys to another airplane
they said want you to go fly and I said I’m not going fly today and they said if you don’t go back fly you’ll never fly
in I said I’m not going I said I’ll go tomorrow and so I did I went up to that state and gave me an airplane i taxi out
on the tower frequency I’m doing everything just perfect and I switch over to tower frequency and I said the
tower this is musketeer 101d ready for take off on Runway 35 I said I’d like a
right turn departure please he come back and said Roger snowball anytime you feel your
hands ready to quit right there I bet I
bet well let’s let’s kind of close it out we’ve been going about an hour and a half so uh
let’s all close it out and each of you tell a really good story about the Treasure Coast or something whatever you
choose I got a lot of them you know and it’s just a wonderful wonderful
place you know the real treasure is the health benefits people you meet out there
and go out and enjoy it and meet the friend and I want to thank everybody out there that watched the show today you
know you guys are are good people and I thank you for your support well we sure thank you and you know you’re talking
about the health benefits you say you walk six or seven miles I tell you what let’s all give a round of applause to
Miss Jean Terry’s wife how many miles this year so
far 2180 miles since October since October on the
beaches down here over 2,000 miles she’s
walked since October that’s a lot of miles I once found a really nice rain
and went down to the beach water to wash it off I could see her coming she has a
very distinct W so I just held the ring until she got there and she said whated to fight I said on this ring you put it
on fits and going no need for chatter give me the
goods see you later one of the one of the best days we had treasure honey M
teting together was it it was raining it was just pouring down and we were
finding coins and we were finding everything what we at
hundred unbel unbelievable we were soaking wet I we were just soaked through we had
reindeer on and we were just soaked through and and I I told him when I left
um I was going to go buy some better rain gear and everything I went to Walmart bought some better rain gear and
he told he was telling his friends he his friend Dwayne that he needed a new raincoat and stuff and
Dwayne Dwayne bought him a new rain new rain gear well he knows how to whine the
right way to the right people don’t he I got was
pathetic well it works it works that was one of our best days of midal detecting
together was we had a GL I tell you since FR and I got together this year we had at least four times where it was
Onre we got into the coins and stuff and uh we end it so thick in spots that when
you scoop it up and you dump it you dump it on another caret you know it was just unreal we had four four good well let’s
hope we have one of those kind of days tomorrow and the guy that called D Wayne there he’s a good friend of mine and the
Florida metal detected he and I had another fellow we got into some shipwreck coins and these coins are
fused together big clumps and that stuff talk about excited every before I met friend but and we you and I got into
them this year same same spot same and I mean there’s ship rank that come in big
clumps of coins here my gosh is that exciting digging them up I think I got several crumps and and I got 40 or 50
other coins you know and one of the guys left early and cleaned up one of the
coins and turned out they Australian coins from 1960 to 1970 I mean how did a
Australian ship sink off our Coast with all have coins and they had to be all together because they CLS and when how
many years ago did you find years ago yeah we found them this year yeah I got
seven well you just goes to show you you never know what you’re gonna find you
know yeah it is it is a mystery every day and uh uh cleaning the environment and
keep your health up really cool from Grandma kelles and we do clean the uh we
do uh we do clean up the environment most times uh you know we clean it up a
lot so uh that is a really good I mean we’ve been we’ve been about an hour and
a half now and uh I appreciate you guys I mean there one thing we can always
count on you guys uh for a great show and we’re just so blessed to call
you friends as is I think everybody here feels the same way thank you very much
I’d like to be out again next year because I want to bring in that off that’s right well you you can bet
next year if if he doesn’t find one I’ll bring mine in well you might want to bring it you know just just in case so
uh and everybody here Will and watching will join me and a round of applause for
Harry and Fred very very good and we thank you and you will be here next year
so I’m going to go ahead and close it out here there we go you got back to the
homely one here so we had we hope that you enjoyed uh our time tonight spent
with Terry and Fred like I said we miss the others that couldn’t be here in a
I’ll say a prayer for Captain Fizz that his health becomes restored and the others travel safe and a happy
anniversary and happy birthday to Nicole and hopefully they’ll be here with us next year as Fred alluded to in July
make sure you come here for male Fisher days if you have any interest in treasure at all that is a place that
you’ll want to be and you couldn’t get better hosts than Nicole and her husband
and um brother I think yeah Melvin Melvin you just can’t get better host
than that uh very gracious people they know what they’re talking about and they got some fantastic stuff
there so and I want to thank all the people here in the house with me you know and when I get these ideas uh the
biggest one I got to thank is Susan because she puts up with me and I get these Grand ideas and she goes okay
because she’s got to drive and uh finer person is not on the face
of the Earth and again we want to congratulate Molly on making cheerleader
that was a highlight of this year and uh like I said I’ve just been a very very blessed person with all these people
that join me here in this house I consider them family really good friends
and they like being here and we just want to thank them and thank you for
tuning in for because we’ve been going almost five years is coming up five years in
May I do believe uh so that’s quite a long run with for Phillip and I and uh
join us again on Monday night at 7 o’clock our normal time where we’re
gonna have Butch hulum from American Digger magazine so Butch is always a hoot and always very full of information
so you want to thank you for watching tonight I hope you enjoyed the show let
us know and and happy hunting and dig deeper and we’ll see you on Monday night
good night everybody