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SIEM consulting services

Prop up your junior SIEM admins with an experienced SIEM Consultant. Basic certification reissuing can bring your SIEM down. Many Jr Engineers or Administrators are not comfortable generating chained certificates. I’ll guide your admins and provide peace of mind for both them and yourself. This is just one example of the multitude of ways a SIEM consultant can assist you with your IS Engineering.

Did you know that in Splunk Cloud you have various less costly options to manage and store your data?

Thinking of switching to Devo, let me assist with your migration, currently working on multiple Devo certifications.

Need an RSA NetWitness Expert? I trained within RSA Professional Services, stood up large deployments, actively managed, maintained and matured the same system since 2015 (I still manage the system presently Oct 2022). I spoke at RSA Charge 2016 on Ransomware with the Blackrock Cyber Security Lead.

Are you using your Splunk Heavy Forwarders as a Distributed Deployment Server? if not then you may have issues with your deployments server or have some automated way of syncing multiple DS, useing your HF’s is much more elegant.

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Being a SIEM expert I am not really into social media. I wrote a paper once while attending Tulane University. It started something like this. A stranger walks up and says hello, My name is Frank with a warm smile you respond Hello, my name is JT . Frank then replies JT, by the way, what is your birthday? Where were you born, what is your current address, mind telling me your SSN, who are all of the most important people in your life. Tell me all of your favorite things, can I have a picture for facial recognition and reverse image searches please? You would probably be taken aback, yet we freely hand this over to facebookfrank and other social media platforms without thinking twice about it. However, with that said we are not in the 1950’s so please feel free to connect on LinkedIn at with me Cybersafe.

Expert SIEM Advise and Operations Code

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