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Cyber Security Brief 5/20/2024

Cyber Security brief Blue team in a blue room.

Below is the Cyber Security Brief 5/20/2024 security brief for today:

Hacking Activity

  • A significant ransomware attack on a U.S. healthcare payment processor, Change Healthcare, has been described as the “most serious incident of its kind”⁵.
  • The attack has had widespread effects, crippling the company’s ability to manage customer payments and insurance claims⁵.
  • The company has taken most of its systems offline to prevent the attack from spreading⁵.
  • The outage has prevented doctors from being able to electronically fill prescriptions and has kept insurance providers from reimbursing providers⁵.
  • The attack was carried out using a type of ransomware called Alphv⁵.
  • The same ransomware was used in the devastating attack on MGM Resorts in Las Vegas last year⁵.

Vulnerability Management

  • Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management has announced new features and updates¹⁴¹⁸.
  • These include the ability to identify, report on, and recommend remediation for common, proprietary, and open-source software components known to have had security issues in the past¹⁴¹⁸.
  • A new AI-generated vulnerability description is now in public preview, providing detailed information on vulnerabilities, their impact, recommended remediation steps, and any additional information, if available¹⁴¹⁸.
  • Nucleus Security, a leading innovator in enterprise risk-based vulnerability management, has been recognized with the Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Award in the 9th Annual Cybersecurity Excellence Awards¹⁴.
  • Linguistic Lumberjack (CVE-2024-4323) is a vulnerability in the Fluent Bit utility that can allow DoS, information disclosure and RCE¹⁶.

CISA Updates

  • The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released several alerts and advisories⁹¹¹¹²¹³.
  • These include a fact sheet on defending OT operations against ongoing Pro-Russia hacktivist activity, and reports of known exploited vulnerabilities⁹¹¹¹²¹³.
  • CISA has also added to its catalog a vulnerability in the R Programming Language⁹¹¹¹²¹³.
  • CISA has warned of hackers exploiting Chrome and EoL D-Link bugs⁸.
  • Eric Goldstein will depart from his role as executive assistant director for cybersecurity at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency next month⁹.
  • The FBI, CISA, and HHS advised healthcare organizations to harden their systems to protect against Black Basta ransomware[^10^].

Please note that this is a brief summary and for more detailed information, you should refer to the original sources⁵⁸⁹[^10^]¹¹¹²¹³¹⁴¹⁶¹⁸.

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Cyber Security Brief 5/20/2024

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