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Cyber Security Brief -Hacking Activity

Below is the Cyber Security brief 5/13/2024.

  • Russian hackers breached Latvian TV to show Victory Day parade in Moscow.
  • Seven Florida men have been charged with racketeer-influenced and corrupt organizations (RICO) conspiracy and money laundering in a national gas pump skimming fraud.
  • The Ohio Lottery has suffered another cybersecurity incident, revealing the sensitive information of over 500,000 people.
  • Dell has notified some of its customers about a data breach that involved sensitive data, including users’ physical addresses.
  • An iOS app designed to help manage diabetes has caused harm to over 220 people due to a defect in the application.
  • BT is ramping up AI use to counter hacking threats to business customers
  • The INC ransomware source code is being sold on hacking forums for $300,000.

Cyber Security Brief -Vulnerability Management

  • Google Chrome has received a patch for an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability.
  • Claroty, the cyber-physical systems (CPS) protection company, released new proprietary data revealing that 38% of the riskiest CPS assets are overlooked by traditional approaches to vulnerability management.
  • The DarkGate malware operation launched a new wave of attacks exploiting a recently patched Windows Defender SmartScreen vulnerability (CVE-2024-21412).
  • The threat actor group Magnet Goblin is rapidly exploiting newly disclosed vulnerabilities to target public-facing servers and edge devices.
  • The North Korea-based Kimsuky APT is abusing ScreenConnect bugs, CVE-2024-1708 and CVE-2024-1709, to propagate a new malware called ToddleShark.

CISA Updates

  • CISA has released a cyber advisory on the Ransomware-as-a-Service threat used against over 500 organizations.
  • The threat, known as Black Basta, has targeted more than 500 private industry and critical infrastructure organizations across North America, Europe, and Australia.
  • CISA is courting the private sector to get behind CIRCIA reporting rules. New regulations require companies to turn over incident data to CISA within 3 days or face enforcement.

Please note that this is a Cyber Security Brief 5/13/2024 summary generated by AI and for more detailed information, you should refer to the original sources. Stay safe and secure!

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