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SIEM Tuning Quiet the noise, Listen to your data

Tune Your IT Enterprise

SIEMTune Purpose

So many customers have forgotten the dream of gaining security insights and verbose reporting value from their SIEM. I find that they have settled for a compliance mechanism, due to the lack of understanding of the very technical underlying technologies. We can change that for you in a relatively short timeline as we have for others. This is what we specialize in. Bringing the true value of your SIEM to your organization.

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Overall SIEM Tuning Goals

Ultimately, We will provide the most value out of your very expensive SIEM. We will free up your current SOC Engineering staff allowing them to pivot and focus on their strengths; while we mature your SIEM verbosity and build reporting that will drive your security posture upgrades and keep your C suite’s “finger on the pulse of their enterprise”. Please reach out, I’d be glad to lay out a detailed plan on how we will accomplish this for you.

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About Me

Cyber Defense Engineer for a large MSSP. Over 20 years of Information Security experience, and 10 plus years specializing in SIEM tuning. Extensive Cyber Security experience. While our focus is on mature SIEMs and adding value; exceptions can be made to stand up or migrate SIEMS. My personal experience in all aspects of an Enterprise allows me to effectively communicate and understand the many tool sets to complete integrations promptly.

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Welcome friend.

Hello, I am JT, a Cyber Defense Engineer based out of South Georgia U.S.A.. RSA Netwitness, Splunk, Devo, Q-Radar, McAfee ESM and LogRhythm are SIEM platforms that I have experience installing, managing, and tuning.

I Have build enterprises from the physical layer up to WAN and Satellite communications, and have experience troubleshooting from Tier one to the top Engineering Tier, along with consultation.

Currently, I’m holding both a DoD security clearance and public trust. I am a trusted agent in multiple sectors including Government, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance Banking and more. So you can feel secured that your information will be private. Please feel free to contact me for a consultation.

Quiet the noise, Listen to your data

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SIEM Tuning - Tune Your IT Enterprise Quiet the noise, bring clarity to your data.
SIEM TUNING: Quiet The Noise

SIEM Tuning Quiet the noise

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SIEM Tuning, experience the dream of an efficient SIEM

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Quiet the noise

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